Ya Bao - tea buds


D 437

The wild teatree buds.

čajové pupeny








Ya Bao - is very special and rarity tea, its leaves are reaped early in spring from the old teatrees in the Yunnan province. According to this only limited amount is produced every year. Ya Bao leaves are sometimes pressed into the teacakes (sometimes only 5% of tea is added just on the surface of the cake!). Ya Bao have cooling effects and regular consumation helps to low the bloodpressure.  

Flavour of this tea is special and it don't reminds of the typical pu-erh tea. Aroma is strongly herbal, sweetish, with fine scent of rose flowers. Other names for this tea are: Cha Bao, Cha Sun (Bamboo tipps), Que Zhi (Bird Pecker).

ya bao