Rui Gui

RUI GUI Special - spring 09

B 242 

rui gui special














B 232

This is the top half-green tea from the Wu Yi mountains, that lie on a border between Fujian and Yang Xi provinces. The tea is noted for dark-brown, equally convoluted leaf, and slightly roasted, sweet and captivating smell. By the degree of fermentation (cca 50%) and by the shape of leaves  it remains of well-known Shui Xian (The Water Nymph). But Rui Gui tea taste is more delicate, more rounded and more balanced with long sweet aftertaste and a scent of cinnamon. Colour of the brew is red-brown. 

       rui gui oolong





RUI GUI Superior

B 202

Lepší třída dohoto výtečného čaje.

 rui gui oolong superior