Yu Lu

YU LU - Jade Dew

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(Yu-lu, Green Jade or Jade Dew) This famous tea has got a dark, shiny colour of jade. Soft, tense leaves look like pine-nedles. The brew is brightly green and very aromatic. In the old times the manufacture know-how got into Japan, where The Gren Jade mark is one of the most important japan tea. The leaves do not get roasted, but they're deenzymated in a hot steam. Reaped leaves are processed imediately after the pluck, as soon as possible. After the steaming it's dried by running air, then it gets cooled down and treated on a pan, and in the end they roll up the leaves on a low temperature.

This tea you can get from us both as loose leaf or in a vacuum 100 g package. 

 yu lu




yu lu - balený