Yong Xi Huo Qing

YONG XI HUO QING - The Flaming Green

E 517

(The Flaming Green of Yong-Xi) - At the first sight this tea remains of well-known Zhu Cha, Gunpowder tea. Grains of very carefully coiled leaves are bigger though and they contain a lot of tips, that provides bright, lightly-green, almost dark-green shiny colour. The tea smells very freshy, with a flourish tones of wild orchids. Sparkling, light-green brew is very aromatic. The most beautiful wiev to the tea is just after the perfusion, when the little grains get eminently bigger and the tips with both first and second leave reveal. For quicker "ignition" is possible to use water with higher temperature, the taste of the brew is more rough then. 

 yong xi huo qing