Hua Ding Yun Wu

HUA DING YUN WU - Tea of Clouds and Mist

E 501

Tea of Hua Ding or Jian Chai is one of many "teas of clouds and mist" produced in various provinces. This one comes from Zhejiang province, where Hua Ding is the highest peak of Jian Chai promontory. There is a fog and clouded weather all year long in the environs. But the growers had to fight a cruel winds and strong cold by building up the windbreaks. The tea leaves are treated thermaly two times. One time it's before curling, the second time after. Transverse coiled leaves have darkly green, almost greyish, dimly metallic colour. The brew is yellow-green, bittersweet.

                                            hua ding yun wu