An Ji Bai Cha


E 569

This extraordinary green tea is grown in the An-Ji area, lying on the north of Zhejiang province. Few years ago the local villagers discovered three very strange tea plants in the mountains. Its sprouts in the early spring were very pale coloured, almost transparent. That's why they call it "white tea" (bai cha). The fact is it's the green tea, but of exeptional quality, different from the white teas manufactured in Fujian province by special technologies. According to botanical and historical researches were those teaplants found beeing offsprings of the ancient teatrees, mentioned in documentaries of Song dynasty.

The flush begins in the end of march. To obtain one kilo of dry tea there's 4 kilos of fresh leaves needed.

Carefully sorted leaves of this special tea offer lightly green brew of freshy and cooling flavour. Longlasting aftertaste. You can enjoy not only the wide scale of flavour, but the beautiful emerald green of the tea leaves too. 

 an ji bai cha