Yunnan OP



Yun-nan Hong Cha (Jian hong cha) - „Yunnan Black Tea (red tea)", is produced in this province famous thanks to tea only since 1939, despite of the short time it became a real tea aristocrat. As the basic material are used leaves of ta-jie variety and shui-xian variety. Tea is produced in all the area of Yunnan province, but the best sorts come from cantons Yun, Fengqing a Changning. Characteristic are big, evenly coiled black-brown leaves, that are richly interwoven by long aureate buds. The leaves emanate intense sweetish scent, reminding of dried plums. The brew is aureate-orange, almost brown-orange coloured. The tea has dense, rich,  slightly astringent, spicy flavour.  

 yunnan op